Apple Watch – I don’t have one yet!

The Golf X Stats App can be used without an Apple Watch if you collect Strokes and Putts for each hole you play. In order to assist you we have made a Round PDF template that will allow you to collect the basic Stroke and Putting statistics (L). Future PDFs will focus on some of the parts of your game that you may be interested in, like Green Approach, Direction Off the Tee, First or Last Putting Distance.

  1. Download the Round PDF  or the DOT/Approach PDF and print a copy before each Round.
  2. Complete a ‘Player Profile‘ as described in ‘Quick Start!
  3. When you finish your round, open the Golf X Stats App make sure that the Round you have played is represented by the settings in the ‘Player Profile’ in terms of the course, the tee colour and your playing handicap.
  4. Select the ‘Rounds’ tab and then press the ‘+’ button at the top of the page. Confirm that you want to create a new Round with ‘No Watch Data‘ – press the red ‘Create Round‘ button.
  5. A blank Round will be created with the current date for the Course and Tees that you have selected in the topmost ‘Player Profile’. Your playing handicap will be inserted but there will be no Strokes or Putts entered. If you have created previous Valid Rounds, there will be averages displayed if you touch the newly created row in the table.
  6. Next while still on the ‘Rounds’ page select ‘Edit‘ in the top left corner and touch the text which contains the Date or the Course for the Round that you have just created at the top of the table. Do not touch the ‘‘ sign in the red circle unless you wish to start the Round deletion process.
  7. Touch the ‘Strokes and Putts‘ button and enter the Stokes and Putts for each hole, this process should take from 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure to press ‘Save‘  in the top right corner and you have entered your first round of data for analysis. A Valid Round has at least 1 stroke for every hole and is denoted on the Rounds page with a lowercase ‘v‘ following the total number of strokes for the Round. An Invalid Round is denoted by ‘nv‘.
  8. Press ‘Done‘ in the top left corner to exit the Editing mode.
  9. Other forms of data can also be entered in a similar manner. Direction Off Tee, Putting Distances and Approach Green. Other PDFs will be made shortly to assist collecting this data.

Important: Data will only be analysed for Rounds that are Valid so please note that Rounds marked ‘nv‘ will be excluded. (L)