Approach Left v Right

Approach Shots to the Green – Left v Right

The recording of approach shots to the green is entirely optional.

There are 3 possible entries for approach shots from left, center and right. One, some or all holes in a round may have approach data. This chart displays the results of all recorded approach data from valid rounds. All shots short left, left and long left are grouped as Left, all shots short, on target and long are grouped as Center and all shots short right, right and long right are grouped as Right.

The chart may be touched on the legend to split the chart or touched on the chart slice to reveal a larger display of the percentage your approach shot is recorded for this option. After collecting data for a number of rounds you may begin to notice an overall trend, such as frequently hitting ‘Right‘ or ‘Leftonce you have identified the tendency or trend you can work on correcting it.

The Left v Right approach data is also available on a Hole by Hole basis if you press the ‘Hole by Hole‘ item at the top right of the the screen. Using the Left v Right H x H chart you can drill down to identify consistent trends on particular holes. To change holes, swipe left to increase the hole number or swipe right to decrease the hole being examined.

Both charts can be scrolled up to reveal additional controls that enable changing the number of rounds that are examined from 100 to 1. This feature is useful to view recent progress and positive or negative trends that are emerging. Note: When viewing the Left v Right H x H chart if you select ‘Last‘ (for last round) there will only be one value displayed per hole and there may be no data entered for that hole so you will see ‘No Data for Hole 1‘.

To remove the Legend just ‘Double Tap‘  the page should it be obscuring graph information that you would like to view.

Left v Right Overview
Left v Right Hole by Hole








Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.