Daily Greens in Regulation and Pars

Daily GIR’s and Pars

The recording of GIRs and Pars occurs automatically when you enter and save your Strokes and Putts per round.

Depending upon your handicap you may have several or no Greens in Regulation (GIRs) each round. A Green in Regulation occurs when a player reaches the target green with 2 strokes or more left to putt. A Par occurs when a player sinks a putt with total strokes equaling the Par for the hole. A player on a Par 5 gets to the Green in 3 strokes from the Tee and sinks the ball with two putts, making a GIR and a Par. A Professional Golfer will most likely have between 13 and 16 GIRs per round and a similar number of Pars as well. A golfer with a scratch or zero handicap would have around 10 to 13 GIRs per round while a 36 handicap golfer would be unlikely to have any GIRs or Pars on average. Pars like GIRs are closely related to a player’s handicap.

Note: Given that we are not all scratch golfers and our handicaps are a device to help us get to the Green so that we can have our two putts, if you select ‘GIR + Handicap’ in the Preferences page you will be given additional handicap strokes on the holes where your handicap applies. Your Pars are not affected by the extra handicap strokes but where you reach the green with two strokes to putt you have made a GIR with the aid of your handicap.

The Daily GIR’s and Pars graph also includes the averages for these events per Round and the maximum and minimums. The last 25 Rounds are examined.

The Monthly GIR’s and Pars graph is similar but examines Rounds on a month by month basis and will examine up to 200 of your most recent rounds.

Most graphs have some options which are located in the Preferences page but in addition you may ‘long press‘ the screen for a few seconds to remove the Last Round graph and ‘double tap‘ to remove the Legend if it is obscuring graph information that you would like to view.

Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.