Editing Green Approach

Editing Rounds – Approach Green

After the ‘Approach Green‘ button is pressed you will be taken to the ‘Edit Approach‘ page. Here you can edit the Green Approach for each hole.  Press the ‘Done‘ button to confirm any changes you have made or press the ‘Edit Round‘ button to cancel your editing without saving any changes. There are 18 holes to edit so if required scroll to allow access for editing. The arrows represent from left to right: Short Left, Left, Long Left, Long, On Target, Short, Short Right, Right and Long Right.

Approach data when detected is analysed both on a Round by Round basis and Hole by Hole basis.

Note: It is not necessary to track every hole, if you don’t want to. If the Round has some data and you don’t want to include in analysis you can press the ‘Reset‘ button so that no approach data will be analysed from this Round. It could be that you accidentally entered a few holes so rather than distorting your statistics you can clear the approach data from this Round so that it will not be included in further analysis.

Scroll down to edit all 18 holes.
Press ‘Reset’ to clear Approach data.