Editing Handicap Indexes

Editing Handicap Indexes for a Player Profile or a saved Round (L)

After tapping the ‘Set Handicap Indexes‘ button, you will be taken to the ‘Edit Handicap Indexes‘ page where you can change the Index Value of any of the first 18 holes, the second 18 holes and the last 9 holes for a ladies handicap of 45.

Most golfers handicaps don’t change dramatically, so if you have a low handicap you only need to fill in the indexes for the holes where you get a shot but we recommend filling in the entire group 1 – 18 or 1 – 9. If you handicap is 16 – 24 you may prefer to fill in only the first 27 holes. Ladies with higher handicaps will need to fill in all of the indexes.

We recommend pressing ‘Done’ after entering each set of indexes. Pressing ‘Cancel’ will result in the indexes being left unchanged. Note: If you have a wrong or a zero value on a hole where you receive a handicap stroke stableford and other calculations will be incorrect.

The index values for A) Must be 1 – 18 as per your scorecard.

The index values for B) Must be 19 – 36 as per your scorecard.

The index values for C) Must be 37 – 45 as per your scorecard.

If you press ‘Done‘ you will confirm any changes made. Pressing ‘Cancel‘ will leave the settings unchanged.

A) Indexes 1 to 18
Simulator Screen Shot 12 Jan 2016, 3.19.21 PM
B) Indexes 19 to 36
Simulator Screen Shot 12 Jan 2016, 3.19.27 PM
c) Indexes 37 to 45