Examine – Hole Analysis


Once you have started to collect Strokes and Putts from your Golfing Rounds you will find this analysis very useful in comparing your performance on a per hole basis.

The Golf X Stats ‘Examine’ page allows you to view most of the statistics relating to that hole in an efficient manner. ‘Examine’ can easily identify problem areas in your Round. In-depth hole analysis is also available at the touch of a single button. (Press the large hole number ( 1 in this case ) or Examine).

Tee to Green
Examine Overview – Tee to Green

In this example there are 95 Rounds being examined (R:95). The hole is a Par 5 and is the 1st Hole. The rank of this hole compared to the other 17 holes is 14, so not one of the best. The Par Rank is 3 of 5 – there are 5 Par 5’s on this course and you have played this hole about average compared to the other Par 5’s. The Strokes Rank is 13/18 and Putting Rank is 15/18 so perhaps not the best hole all round – a better warmup or strategic play may assist. There is no handicap stroke on this hole with your handicap.

Colour coding of the rankings for holes is green for top 3, red for bottom 3 and yellow for the 3 holes above the red group, other rankings are displayed in light grey or white.

If the handicap index is near to your recent handicap you might see 25% or more here. The graph shows average total stokes, average strokes and average putts on this hole but compares these figures only to other holes with similar Par values ( Par 5’s in this case).

The ‘Statistical Review’ is where you may find a lot of interesting facts about your play. The total number of ‘Rounds Reviewed’ is 95 in this case and as the recording of many statistics is optional the number of rounds with relevant data  is displayed on the right hand side of the graphs – ‘Straight Off Tee’ for example has only 48 entries. It follows that the more entries the greater the confidence level should be in the results. Some graphs reflect percentages: Straight Off Tee, Greens in Regulation, Approach, Birdies, Par + and Bogies + where as other graphs reflect the hole’s ranking out of 18, Strokes and Putting.

To view another hole just swipe left to increase the hole or right to decrease the hole being examined. The holes examined will cycle when you reach either 18 or 1.

If you want to thoroughly examine a hole press Examine or the large hole number displayed in the top right hand of the screen.