Examine – Hole By Hole

Examine – Hole By Hole

After viewing the ‘Examine Overview’ screen, you can drill down to many relevant detailed statistics for each hole.

The Golf X Stats ‘Examine – Hole By Hole’ page allows see a collection of eight screens that take you all the way from the ‘Tee to the Green’ and into the hole.

To move through the screens simply swipe to the left to see:

  • Pars by Hole
  • Direction off the Tee
  • Strokes – taken before putting
  • Overall Hole Approach Statistics
  • Long vs Short Approach Statistics
  • Left vs Right Approach Statistics
  • Last Putt or First Putt Distances
  • Putts Per Round on this hole.

Most of the screens will be familiar but the First Putt (Proximity to the Hole) and Last Putt screen can be switched by a vertical swipe either up or down. Where appropriate the number of most recent records examined can be optionally set.

Pars Birdies and Bogies
Direction Off the Tee
Approach Overview
Long vs Short Approaches
Short vs Long Approaches
First Putt and Last Putt Distances
Average Putts for this Hole