Game Flow

Game Flow – Hole by Hole and Time Based Golf Analysis

The ‘Game Flow‘ series of graphs displays your key golfing statistics in a flow rather than column based graphical analysis.

Successive graphs are viewed by swiping either to the swipe left or right on the current graph. The order of display is Strokes(N), Strokes, Putts, 3 Putts, 1 Putts (in both Mac and iOS versions shortly) and Scoring. Continuing to swipe repeats the cycle in either direction.

Game Flow is hole by hole based so you can compare your performance across across each hole that play as well as your entire round. Poor scoring on a particular hole or group of holes may be a reflection of tiredness at the end of the round or a concentration problem following a very difficult hole where you constantly struggle. Whether your performance is good or not so good, the Game Flow graphs will assist with an easy to interpret, visible representation of how the flow of your golf round goes for Strokes and Putts and where the good and the bad aspects reside.

Game Flow Analysis is time based with switches for four key time periods: Last, Last 5, Last 10 and All Rounds. Time based analysis can help you to identify where your average performance needs attention. Unless you change your approach to playing a hole, you will most likely find a high level of consistency after you have completed several rounds. You will be surprised by the trends that will become clearly evident as you compare 20+ rounds or more. Game Flow can help you target your practice and approach to playing each hole in future rounds.

Both Putts and Scoring have average lines at 2 units for two putts per hole and 2 stableford points per hole respectively.

You may ‘double tap‘ to remove the Legend if it is obscuring graph information that you would like to view.

Strokes (N) Normalised
Putts – Game Flow
3 Putt Analysis – Game Flow
Scoring – Game Flow








Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.