Quick Start

To get started quickly, download the Golf X Stats App from the Apple App Store and pair your Apple Watch to an iPhone 5 or later with iOS 9.0 or later. (L)

    1. Create a Player Profile for the golfer. Click the Player Tab and then the ‘+’ button at the top of the ‘Player Settings’ page.
    2. Press the table entry marked ‘Your Name: 0’ and touch the first field ‘Your Name’ and enter your name with the keyboard. Press ‘Save’ to confirm that you are saving your information to your Player Profile.
          • Touch the Handicap field and use the picker to enter your current handicap and the colour of the normal Tees that you usually play from. When you have selected your Handicap and Tees, press ‘Save’.
          • Set ‘Male or Female’ by touching the button.
          • Enter a short name for your home golf club. Swipe up to hide the keyboard.  Press ‘Save’ to ensure that your information is retained.
          • Set the Par Values for your home golf club based on the Tee Colour you have selected. Press ‘Done’ when finished. Par values must be between 3 and 5. After you have pressed ‘Done’, if you open this page again you will see the Par Value for the Course and Tees. i.e. Par: 72 make sure the Par matches your course.
          • Set the Handicap Indexes. Most golfers handicaps don’t change dramatically so if you have a low handicap you only need to fill in the indexes for the holes where you get a shot but we recommend filling in the entire group 1 – 18 or 1 – 9. If you handicap is 16 – 24 you may prefer to fill in only the first 27 holes. Ladies with higher handicaps will need to fill in all of the indexes. The index values should be 0 – 18 for the first tab ‘1 to 18′, 19 to 36 for the ’19 to 36’ tab and 37 to 45 for the last tab ‘ 37 to 45’. We recommend pressing ‘Done’ after entering each set of indexes. Pressing ‘Cancel’ will result in the indexes being left unchanged. Note: If you have a wrong or a zero value on a hole where you receive a handicap stroke stableford and other calculations will be incorrect.
    3. On your iPhone select ‘Watch’ App and and find Golf X Stats in the Apps list. Select ‘Show App on Apple Watch‘  and select the Dock find Golf X Stats and select the’Keep in Dock‘ button.
    4. On your Apple Watch  the ‘General’ section of the System ‘Settings’ App we recommend that you scroll down to set ‘Wake Screen on Wrist Raise’ to ‘ON’ and check either the ‘Within 1 Hour of Last Use‘  or the ‘ALWAYS’ options for ‘ON SCREEN RAISE SHOW LAST APP’.  You can get to Golf X Stats via the Dock or single pressing the Digital Crown.
    5. On your Apple Watch start Golf X Stats via the Dock, or single pressing the Digital Crown and pressing the Golf X Stats icon.
    6. After Golf X Stats is running you are ready to start entering data as you play your round.
    7. With your phone in Bluetooth range ‘Force Press’ your Golf X Stats Home screen and press ‘R’ for Reset once, ‘Force Press’ again quickly and press ‘R’ for Reset again to confirm the Reset of all your watch data. If successful you will see the Reset Done message in the Title area at the top of your Watch Screen. Note: If you open any menu by mistake you can dismiss (cancel) the menu by turning you wrist over.
    8. Visit ‘Watch – Inputting Round Data‘ to get more info on hole by hole stats entry!
    9.  At the end of your round ‘Force Press’ the home watch screen again and press ‘S’ for Save. If successful you will see a Green ‘S’  in the centre of the home screen a ‘Red S’ means there was a problem communicating with your pair watch, make sure it is within bluetooth range. Your round data will stay in the Watch until you Reset your round data.
A) Select the Golf X Stats icon to Start.
B) ‘Force Press’ the Golf X Stats Home screen
C) Menu on Home Page – Press R
D) Force Press again and press Reset quickly!
E) Press R again to Confirm Reset
F) Press Reset twice before each Round