Graphs – Overview


The Rounds the Overview graph indicates how you play each hole on the selected Course, from the chosen Tees.

The information included in this graph which scrolls to the right with a left swipe to see the entire 18 holes  includes averages for Strokes, Putts and Totals, Last 10 Rounds, Last 5 Rounds and Last Round.

If you are working on a different approach to a particular hole or group of holes the trend lines will reveal  whether you are seeing success or not over 5 to 10 rounds.

The buttons at the top of the graph can be used to hide Strokes, Putts and Totals.

Most graphs have some options which are located in the Preferences page but in addition you may ‘long press‘ the screen for a few seconds to remove the Last Round graph and ‘double tap‘ to remove the Legend if it is obscuring graph information that you would like to view.

Overview Holes 1 – 5
Simulator Screen Shot 14 Jan 2016, 6.27.22 AM
Overview Holes 13 – 18

Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.