Handicap Targets

Handicap Targets

The recording of data for this graph is automatic, when you save a Round with the course details and your handicap you are contributing to the information needed for this graph.

There is a strong relationship between a golfer’s handicap and the number of GIRs, Pars, Birdies and Putts they have on average per round of golf.

This graph attempts to show the Golf X Stats player how their statistics compare to a pool of average golfers at their handicap level. Naturally there will be some individual variations where golfers have a great short game or are exceptionally good or poor putters.

There are four quarters to this graph. When you are meeting you target, the line will fill the quarter or more. In this example the green GIR target in the centre is 6.96 and the player in the last round has scored 7 GIRs. Touching the Green ring exposes the green text below the graph with GIRs: 7.00   100.6%. Putts, Pars and Birdies can also be touched to reveal the statistics for each type.

Scrolling  the graph upwards, reveals some additional controls for overriding your handicap. Using these controls you can easily compare where you are now and where your results place you will regard to the targets for Putting, Pars etc. Turn on the ‘Override Handicap‘ switch to move the sliding control. As you move the slider please notice that the target values in the core of the graph change with the handicap selected. As your handicap changes these targets will also automatically change to reflect your current handicap.

Use ‘Number of Rounds Examined’ control to check your progress over recent rounds.

The internal tables used to produce the moving targets are derived from modified graphs originally computed from works attributed to Dr. L Riccio in 1990. There are several references citing Dr. L Riccio’s statistical study on the web and are well worth reviewing.

Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.