Round History (L)

The Rounds History graph indicates how you have played each Round on the selected Course, from the chosen Tees over time. Only your most recent 100 Rounds are analysed.

This graph is particularly useful for indicating Maximum, Minimum and Average Strokes and Putts.

This graph which scrolls vertically with an upward swipe displays the entire history of the most recent 100 Rounds from earliest to latest . The graph includes Strokes, Putts and Totals as well as red average lines for Strokes, Putts and Totals. The date of each round is there and you can look up specifics on a Round using the date and the Rounds table list.

The blue top line represents the Total at the top of the graph, the green line represents Putts and the white line represents Strokes.

History First Rounds
History Last Rounds

Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.

Additionally there is also a ‘Monthly Averages’ graph under the ‘Averages’ or ‘A’  tab which examines up to 200 of your most recent rounds.