Hole Assistant

Using the Hole Helper Page

The second page is designed to assist you while playing and offers some additional input methods.
IMG_6806IMG_6810This page is found by swiping left once from the main page.

After you have played a number of rounds this page builds up a picture of how you play each hole.

The top left of this screen shows the current direction off the tee. It is ‘Straight’ in this example. The arrow shows the average direction off the tee. (left in this case). It is optional whether you want to input this data and a non-entry will not affect the averages unless you choose to automatically make all shots ‘Straight’ in the iPhone App Preferences, if you choose that option, you only need to enter off-centre shots, a great advantage if most of the time you hit straight from the tee.

The middle row of this page is this Hole’s ranking of Strokes (left), Direction as a Percentage off the Tee, Putts ranking (right). In this example 12 is the holes ranking in terms of strokes out of 18 holes, 30% of the time the ball is hit left off the tee, this hole is the 15th worst hole in terms of putting! Note: The ranking of your top 5 holes are shown in green, while your worst five holes are shown in red.

The bottom row of data is Par of 5  Hole 1 Average 5. (The Average Score you have made on this hole from the selected Tees).

These statistics are only available after the Golf X Stats watch app has been ‘Reset‘!

To enter a Penalty or Direction Data ‘force press’ to bring up the menu and then press the <–, –> button as required. If you have made a very bad shot you can press the same button again (either Left or Right). If you press the same button twice you will see ‘Far Left’ or ‘Far Right’ for a hook or slice! Balls ending just off the fairway should be marked ‘Left’ or ‘Right’.

The recording of Penalty Strokes is entirely optional. To enter a  Penalty Stroke,  ‘force press’ this screen and then press ‘P’ for Penalty. For a two stroke penalty repeat this step. Note: The recording of Penalty Strokes does NOT increment the strokes counter so please add the penalty to your Strokes count for this hole.