Hole by Hole Review

Understanding the Hole by Hole Review page


The Hole by Hole Review page is also reference page only you don’t enter any data on it and it provides a quick overview of how you are playing or have played a particular hole. When you enter this page it will reflect the current hole that you are playing.

 This page is found by swiping left five times from the main page. 

‘Force Press’ this screen to switch between Stableford and Stroke modes.




The top of this screen shows 2 numbers which represent from left to right.

  • The number of Strokes taken on this hole – ‘3’.
  • The number of Putts taken on this hole – ‘1’.

The bottom of this screen also shows 2 numbers which represent from left to right.

  • The Hole Number – ‘1’.
  • The total number Strableford points for this hole – ‘3’. In the Stroke mode this figure would be ‘4’ for the total of Strokes and Putts.

In this example the player is has reached the green in 3 strokes but taken only 1 putt. The hole number will remain yellow but the other numbers will change to reflect how the hole has been played in terms of total strokes or score (Stableford mode), strokes and putts. Green is good! White is On Par and Red is over the handicap limit allowed. In this example the total number of strokes is equal to those allowed on this hole (white), a 1 putt is below the limit (green) and the total number of strokes is less than allowed by handicap so Stableford points are 3 (green).

Hint: At any time during or after a round you can also tap the Hole Number to decrease the hole or tap the total  to increase the hole. When you leave this screen and return you will always be taken to the current hole being played. This screen can also give you a good overview of your round without the need to see your iPhone.