Hole Statistics

Understanding your Hole Statistics for all 18 Holes

The ‘Hole by Hole’ table has been enhanced through the ability to review playing statistics for all 18 holes by ‘Recent Rounds‘. Additional utility has been added through the ability to sort the 18 Hole statistics by: Pars, Strokes, Putts and Total Strokes and Putts.

The table allows the review all of your holes at once and is a great tool to assist in identifying trends and problem areas of any golfer’s game.

Average Hole by Hole Statistics – All Rounds

The Hole by Hole statistics table shows the Par for each hole and where a Stroke or Putting statistic is above the allowed number it will be displayed in an orange colour for easy identification.

A Player’s putting average will hopefully be less than 2.0 per hole. Professional golfers aim for at least 28 putts or less per round. If your average number of putts per hole is over 2.0,  it is suggested that putting practice is the fastest way to score better and reduce your handicap. Putting requires no great strength or athletic ability and the putter will be the most used club in the bag so it makes sense to concentrate on this area if your statistics reveal that you are losing strokes in this area.

Sort Statistics by Strokes and Putts as well as Recent Rounds
The Last 10 Rounds sorted by Putts

To review your statistics simply select either Hole, Par, Strokes, Putts or Total. The table will be sorted by the selection made at the top of the table. 

Players can manage the number of rounds reviewed by altering the range selector at the bottom of the table. The range options available are: Last 5, Last 10, Last 20, Last 50 and All Rounds. When making a range selection other than ‘All Rounds’  the precision of the displayed statistics is increased. By default ‘Holes’ and ‘All Rounds’ are selected.

Sorting the columns by Par, Strokes, Putts or Totals will help you to identify trends and problem holes more easily. The ability to analyse recent rounds allows reflection and analysis of changes in approach made to be effectively reviewed. Has a recent change of strategy been effective?

Consistent trends on Par 3’s, Par 4’s or Par 5’s may emerge. Note: Golf X Stats assumes you always have two putts on each hole and you should reach the green with the following formula: ( (Par + any handicap stroke(s) ) – 2  ). A Par 4 where you get 1 handicap stroke would be ((4 + 1)  – 2 ) = 3 strokes to get to the green.

Sorting the table will help to analyse and identify problems with any area of your golf game. Understanding your game will help to direct and focus your practice more effectively.

All Rounds – Sorted by Holes with problem areas identified and displayed in Orange

Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.