Using iCloud to Back-up and Restore your Statistics

Using iCloud is optional but recommended. (L)

Even though entering your Round statistics isn’t all that time consuming you would certainly not want to accidentally lose some or all of the data that you have collected.

Golf X Stats allows you to store and retrieve your Round and Player data by storing it in your own Apple ID account. Your Round data is kept in your own iCloud Account and is not available to any one other than the account holder. There are several management options:

  • ‘Save All Records to iCloud’  – Saves both Player and Round Records to your iCloud Account.
  • ‘Restore All Player Records’  – Restores all Player to iPhone or iPad from your iCloud Account
  • ‘Restore All Round Records’  – Restores all Round to iPhone or iPad from your iCloud Account.
  • ‘Delete All Records in iCloud – Deletes all Round and Player records from your iCloud Account.
  • ‘Delete a Record in iCloud – Deletes the selected Round record from your iCloud Account.
  • ‘Delete a Player in iCloud – Deletes the selected Player record from your iCloud Account.
  • ‘Restore a Player from iCloud – Restores a Player record from your iCloud Account to your iPhone or iPad.
  • ‘Restore a Round from iCloud – Restores a Round record from your iCloud Account to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Local and iCloud Overview‘ – Provides an overview of Records stored in your iPhone and in iCloud. See ‘Local and iCloud Overview’ for more detail.
iCloud Management Options