Improve your Golf – Authors Advice

The Golf X Stats App can help you find the best way to improve your golf by showing you where and how you play your rounds on a hole by hole basis.

  1. Most golfers enjoy their golf more when they play well. Knowledge about your game is a key ingredient to playing better golf and identifying where improvement is needed. Golf X Stats will improve your knowledge and help you plan and focus practice in areas of weakness. Improving your average golf statistics will lower your scores and hopefully you will enjoy the game, even more.
  2. In order to improve your play, I suggest you make a realistic plan with a defined goal – improve your Greens In Regulation, break 80, break 90, break 100 or change your average putting stats from 36 to 32 putts per round, make more Pars or Birdies per Round. Start using the Golf X Stats App by entering just strokes and putts to begin with, it’s easy to do and will provide a good base to begin the examination of your play.
  3. Set a time frame to achieve your goal. Don’t expect instant change. Golf is a lifelong game, you need to allow some time to identify, focus and practice with purpose and execute changes. Even the best golfers in the world don’t play their to their potential every day, so look at your trends rather than rounds of disaster or brilliance. (see History, Daily GIRs and Pars.) Brilliant rounds or even groups of holes played well, will point towards your potential!
  4. If you are too ambitious with your goal setting, it’s ok to redefine your goal so that you can achieve it and then set another goal.
  5. Becoming a better putter is often the easiest way to lower your handicap and improve your scoring. Putting is often overlooked in favour of better iron play or Driving but a stroke is a stroke and its possible to take 5 putts off your round fairly painlessly but taking 5 shots off your tee to green play is often much more difficult. No special physical attributes are required to be a proficient putter, unlike being a long driver of the ball.
  6. When the Golf X Stats App was first developed it handled only strokes and putts. They are easy to enter during the round and will not take focus away from your play. Start here and when this process becomes automatic, I suggest that you focus on one aspect of your statistics at a time. For example, Green Approach or Direction Off the Tee or work on your worst hole to try see what you can do to improve your scoring. Is it a problem with the number of strokes getting to the green, a difficult green to stop on or perhaps putt on.
  7. Use the Handicap Target chart to set the handicap to your personal handicap goal and then check your statistics for Putting, Pars, Greens in Regulation or Birdies against the target. Pick one aspect and work on it for the next five to ten rounds. You may need to practice your approach shot’s direction or length or putting, if you are making more than the occasional 3 Putt.
  8. If you find your Golf X Stats Watch App Round Summary is often showing 3 or more red bars in a row you might need to work on your mental strength – lapse of concentration, loss of focus, anger caused by a bad bounce or shot – just take one shot at a time and expect your next shot will be a good one!
  9. Golf X Stats can give you an idea of where the problem lies. I’m confident that the statistics won’t lie and you will have a clear idea of where to tackle the problems you encounter on the golf course.
  10. Don’t try to use all the functions of the Golf X Stats Watch App at the one time. Golf X Stats has been designed so that you don’t need to take focus away from your play. I hope you will enjoy a few of the games within the game such as Feet of Putts Made and improving your Green Approaches.