Inputing Round Data

Inputing Stroke and Putts (L)

Inputing data is done Hole by Hole. To change holes simply press the ‘+‘ or the ‘‘ buttons to advance or decrease the current Hole from 1 to 18!

  • By default Strokes (denoted by White text) are input first and a Valid Round (V) consists of 18 holes with at least one stroke. It is possible not to Putt on a hole but you need to make at least one Stroke!
  • To increase Strokes simply tap the large ‘White’ number in the middle of the watch. If you make a mistake just tap to the left of the largest number and the stroke count will decrease by one for each tap.  There is a limit of 99 Strokes per hole!
  • To enter Putts simply tap to the right of the large ‘White’ number and the number will turn ‘Green’ indicating Putts will now be recorded. If you make a mistake entering  Putts just tap to the left of the number. There is a limit of 9 Putts per hole! Note: If you are playing ‘Stableford’, we recommend putting in at least 2 Putts for any hole where you didn’t putt out, this will keep your hole putting statistics as accurate as possible when you are not playing ‘Stroke’.
  • To switch between Putts and Strokes just tap to the right of the number. Strokes and Putts cannot be negative!
  • At the top of the home screen is the T: O total strokes for the round and H: O – the current strokes and putts for this hole.
  • This is the main and start-up screen. It is used to change the current Hole. Swipe to the right to find this screen.
Main Golf X Stats screen