Last Putt or First Putt

Proximity to the Hole

The third page is optionally used for inputing the distance either to the hole when you land on the green OR the length of you last putt. You can work on these statistics at different times. Improving your ‘First Putt’ or Proximity to the Hole will involve more accurate iron play and short game skills while ‘Last Putt’ reflects the number of feet of putts you made during the round.

The choice of which method is used is made in the iPhone application preferences and is downloaded to the Golf X Stats Watch Application when the ‘Reset’ is selected before the start of your round.

To enter data for the hole simply wind the ‘Digital Crown’ to the estimated distance. Note: If you have elected to use ‘Last Putt’ the distance is already set to 1 foot so you don’t have to enter this statistic unless you make something longer. Each round you are effectively given 18 feet of putts towards your average.

If you choose ‘First Putt’ in the Golf X Stats iPhone Preferences there is no distance selected but and if you choose to only enter some holes your average on that hole will no be affected.