Overall Analysis

Find your Three Best and Worst Holes on the Course

This table quickly identifies your 3 best holes and 3 worst holes in terms of either Total Strokes, Strokes or Putting. Do you really know your best and worst holes on the Course?

Use your Recent Rounds to identify  and review  trends in  your Statistics
Best and Worst Holes by Total Strokes, Strokes or Putts – Last 10 Rounds

Golf X Stats lets golfers review their Best and Worst Holes by Last 5, Last 10, Last 20, Last 50 and All Rounds. This feature makes it possible to identify and review changes in play reflected by their golfing statistics quickly and easily.

Where to focus your practice efforts is a key factor to seeing and making progress. This table is a great starting point to help players identify where change is needed.

Your putting statistics can sometimes reflect the need to score after not reaching the Green in Regulation. A change of approach that leads to more GIR’s may improve your putting statistics. Players may discover that particular greens are more challenging, due to slope changes or speed than others. Additional care and practice would be advised to improve your putting statistics on these greens.

In the first example Hole 7 is the your worst hole Overall Strokes and Putts and also features in the 3 worst holes for Strokes. The player should concentrate on getting to the Green, by changing their approach, if this trend persists. If you regularly end up in a green side bunker after a long and difficult approach shot perhaps you could try laying up and improve your scoring with a shorter first putt!

Is a change of Approach to a Hole needed?
Review All Rounds for Best and Worst Holes by Total Strokes, Strokes or Putts

In the second example Hole 1 is the your worst hole. It is important to recognise that consistent trends on your poorer holes may reflect an inadequate warm-up before you start the Round, loss of concentration during or tiredness late in your Round. Some holes seem to naturally suit different players. If you want to improve your scoring, your first task is to understand where the problems are!

To review different ranges of golf rounds simply press the range control at the foot of the table.

Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.