Played To vs Handicap – track your golfing progress

Played To

The Golf X Stats ‘Played To vs Handicap’ graph shows the total number of strokes (strokes + putts) taken during during several rounds of golf. It graphs daily ‘Played To’ against your ‘Playing Handicap’. 

The graph displays the average handicap for the rounds evaluated and the average number of strokes taken on the selected Golf Course and TeesThese statistics are calculated from your Daily Playing Handicap and the Total Strokes per Round. No additional data collection is needed to display this graph.

Played To Graph Options
Played To vs Handicap Graph
Played To vs Handicap

The ‘Played To vs Handicap’ graph features the option to select the switch for ‘All Courses and Tees’ . When active this option allows any Rounds that fall within the numerical range chosen to be displayed.  

By default the range examined is the Last 25 Rounds. Other range options are: Last 5, Last 10,  Last 50 or Last 100.  If this option is selected the Preferences selection of Course and Tees is ignored. Scroll to the right to select and change the display options.

The ‘Played To‘ graph makes it easy to see how a handicap changes over time and how a golfer plays compared their handicap. The dashed purple handicap line will indicate handicap perfomance relative to the average handicap line (solid red). If the green line lower than the red line, it’s a clear indication of better performance.

Changing the time period will indicate whether or not recent rounds show improvement.

The dashed green line displays actual performance on each round above or below the daily handicap when compared to Par. The solid yellow line indicates average performance in terms of strokes over Par taken each round.

Further statistical information is included in the graph displaying:

  • Minimum and Maximum Handicap
  • Average Handicap
  • Minimum and Maximum Played To
  •  Average Played To.

Double tapping will hide the ‘Legend’ if it is obscuring information.