Player Settings

Player Profile Settings (L)

In order to use Golf X Stats you need to create at least one player profile. The first player profile is made by pressing the ‘+’ button on the ‘Player Settings’ page.

Simulator Screen Shot 12 Jan 2016, 2.11.55 PM
The Top Entry is selected

See the Quick Start section for instructions on how to create your first player profile. Once created it is important to remember that the Watch App uses the ‘Player Profile’ that is at the top of this list and checked with a green checkmark.

To move a ‘Player Profile’ to the top of the list use the Edit button and slide the selected profile to the top of the list and release it. A ‘Player Profile’ can be deleted in the Editing mode as well.

Frequently you may want to make a small adjustment to your daily handicap. It is not necessary to enter the editing mode merely tap the  ‘Player Profile’ in the table that you want to change and you will be taken to ‘Edit Player Info’ page. If you make any changes on this page you press ‘Save’ to confirm the changes or press ‘Cancel’  leave these options unchanged.

Simulator Screen Shot 12 Jan 2016, 2.28.28 PM
Edit Player Information