The Golf X Stats Preferences page can be accessed from the More Tab menu on the main page. Preferences may also from Analysis –> Overall Analysis and Graphs –> Overview pages at the top left with the blue Action item. Theses Preferences can also be accessed from the Settings -> Golf X Stats Preferences however faster access can be gained by using the links within the Golf X Stats iPhone App.

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Note: It is important to remember that the Settings selected in the Preferences Screen are reflected in the data that the Golf X Stats Watch App collects. You should always ‘Reset’ the Watch App before each round. Many of the Preferences also affect which Rounds are Analysed and How they are Analysed.

In the Preferences Screen you can select:

  • The Course
  • The Tee Colour
  • Adjust Player Selection – if the information about the current player is changed the handicap and tee data will be automatically changed in the Graphing Preferences. The default setting is ON.
  • GIR + Handicap‘ – By default you get any handicap strokes added on to the Par value of the hole – 2 if this switch is ON. Otherwise GIR is determined as it would be for a scratch handicapper.
  • Graph Recent Results‘ – Where available Last 5 Rounds and Last 10 Rounds will be displayed on various graphs if this option is ON.
  • Graph Last Round‘ – When  ‘Graph Recent Results’ is ON and  ‘Graph Last Round‘ is also ON, the Last Round data will be displayed on various graphs. The default is ON.
  • First Putt – Last Putt‘ – When ‘First Putt’ is selected the Watch App will be tracking your First Putt or the distance from the hole when you land on the green. ‘Last Putt’ is selected the Watch App will be tracking the distance in feet of your final putt. ‘Last Putt’ is the default option and when used the distance in the Watch App is automatically set to 1 Foot so that you don’t have to enter any data if it’s a tap in. 
  • Handicap or Averages’ – Both the Glance and The Watch Overview screens use this setting to show the Overview which shows white for on handicap, red for over handicap and green for under handicap. If Averages is selected and there are no previous rounds your handicap will be used. A good challenge is to play against your handicap average and try to beat it every time. If you find several holes with red in a row then perhaps you should look to your mental game as well.
  • Direction Off Tee‘ – When you are using the Direction Off the Tee functions setting this option to ON will automatically insert ‘Straight’ in all 18 holes so you don’t have to enter anything unless you miss the fairway. Leaving this switch ON when not inputing Direction Off the Tee data will distort your averages so the default is OFF.