Hole Proximity

Proximity to the Hole – First Putt / Last Putt Distances

Using the Proximity to the Hole functions are entirely optional.

Only one option First Putt OR Last Putt can be used each round. To switch between First Putt OR Last Putt  swipe either left or right.

First Putt distance is a reflection of how close to the hole your ball is when you arrive at the green. Last Putt distance is the number of feet you made on your final putt on the hole. If you are going to use Last Putt distance you will be given 1 foot for each hole so if you tap in you don’t have to enter anything for that hole. See the Apple Watch – First Putt / Last Putt section for further information.

A great game within a game is to try and beat your average Feet gained putting statistic.

Most graphs have some options which are located in the Preferences page but in addition you may ‘long press‘ the screen for a few seconds to remove the Last Round graph and ‘double tap‘ to remove the Legend if it is obscuring graph information that you would like to view.

First Putt Distance – no Last Round
Last Putt Distance -with Last Round data

Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.