Putting Distances

Editing Rounds – Putting Distances

Putting - make every stroke count
Putting – make every stroke count

Pressing the ‘Putting Distances‘ button will display the ‘Last Putt Distance‘ or ‘First Putt Distance‘ page. The heading at the top of the screen will let you know which option is currently selected

On this page you can edit the Last Putt Distance for each hole.  Press the ‘Done‘ button to confirm any changes you have made or press the ‘Edit Round‘ button to cancel your editing without saving any changes and return to the previous screen.

By default, Golf X Stats gives all golfers a one (1) foot putt on each hole. While we know that it is possible to miss a putt from this distance, it is statistically insignificant in most golfers play. This feature removes the necessity of entering numerous tap-ins and very short putts when recording your round. In essence, Golf X Stats gives you 18 feet of putts each round and it is only necessary to record any putts made that are 2 or more feet in length. The range of putting distances allowed is 0 – 40 feet. Should you miss a 1 foot putt you can still enter it correctly as a ‘0’.

The screen can be scrolled up or down to allow access for editing of all holes depending upon the iOS device you are using. Press and hold the “+” or the “-” buttons to automatically increase or decrease the distance value. Tap the “+” or the “-” button to increment or decrement the values by a single unit.

The data collected here can be either ‘Last Putt Distance‘ or ‘First Putt Distance‘ and depending upon which part of your game you are working on at the moment you can change the type of data with a switch at the bottom of the page or in the Preference Settings for future rounds.

Edit Last Putt Distance
First Putt | Last Putt  – Switch

At the bottom of the screen you will find the ‘Last Putt Distance‘ or ‘First Putt Distance‘ switch.  Normally you would not alter this setting however if you have collected First Putt or Proximity to the Hole data and the setting was incorrect change this setting to enable the data collected to be analysed correctly.