Round Statistics

Statistics (L)

Tapping once on a Round in the table reveals the ‘Statistics’ page which shows a hole by hole summary of the Round in terms of Strokes and Putts on each hole. The ‘Statistics’ page shows the Course and the Tees for the Round and the Greens in Regulation (Greens in Reg)  plus the Handicap played off for this Round.

Golf X Stats assumes you have two putts per hole and if your handicap gives you a stroke or two that they are used to reach the green in regulation. 

Note: By default Greens in Reg is displayed with your handicap added to your strokes. If the Golf X Stats Preferences -> GIR + Handicap is set to off then the handicap strokes will not be added and Greens in Reg will be true Greens in Reg as a scratch golfer would play them. You can change this preference at any time to see the difference it makes.

In this screen shot the golfer plays the 3rd hole a Par 3 without a handicap stroke. As it is a Par 3 you are supposed to hit the green with your tee shot and 2 putt. In this case the golfer has taken two strokes to get onto the green (red) but made one putt for a 3 (white). Where a 3 Putt has been made it will be in red or if the green has not been reached in regulation it will also be in red. There is no green for birdies or sub par totals only red to show where total strokes are above the allowed totals.

Front Nine, Back Nine and Totals for both Strokes and Putts are shown at the bottom of the screen with Putts being displayed in Green.

Simulator Screen Shot 6 Jan 2016, 2.44.37 PM
Stroke Round Statistics

Stableford – to see your Round in Stableford format swipe this page either to the left or right. The screen will change to and from Stroke -> Stableford format. Once again the Golf X Stats Preferences -> GIR + Handicap affects whether Red is displayed for stroke totals over Par. The lower right hand columns display Front Nine, Back Nine and Totals for your Stableford Points.

Simulator Screen Shot 12 Jan 2016, 7.35.16 AM
Stableford Round Statistics