Round Structure

Detailed Round Structure (L)

Structure – to see even more analysis of your Round, press the blue ‘Structure’ button at the top right of the screen. On ‘Structure’ page you can see how you played the round compared to your averages from previous Rounds which are displayed in blue. If there are no previous rounds the averages and the round totals will be the same.

Birdies, Pars and Bogies for this round are easily compared to your existing averages. You can also see Penalties if there are any and how you are playing Bunkers and Hazards, if you recorded these statistics.

Round Structure

To decode the Hazard shot which was H16-2: H = Hole so the hole was the 16th and the -2 means that it was the second shot went into the bunker. If the shot was a bunker hit it would most likely be a green side bunker on the second shot.

Entering Hazards, Bunkers and Penalties is entirely optional and does not affect the strokes on the hole which must be added manually. To enter a bunker or hazard ‘Force Press’  the home screen on the watch app. Penalties are entered after a ‘Force Press’ on the second or Hole Helper screen on the watch app. Multiple penalties can be entered by repeating this process. There is no further analysis of Hazards, Bunkers and Penalties they are only used to reflect upon a particular Round at a later time.

Golf X Stats Lite (L) does not include the ability to view or edit Penalty strokes taken during a round.

Press the blue ‘Round Analysis’ button to return to the previous page.