Round Summary

Round Overview

The fifth page presents an up-to-date summary of your round either after the round or during the round.

There is an option in the Golf X Stats iPhone App in the Preferences that lets you select either ‘Straight Handicap’ or against your ‘Average Score’ on each hole.

In this example the number of strokes is 77 and the handicap is 86. Green for the totals, (77/86) indicates that this round is under either handicap or averages depending upon which option was selected on your iPhone App, white represents on handicap and red for over handicap. The top and bottom nine boxes also reflect how you have done or are going on each hole – under, over or even.

Note: This page is updated in real time during your round. Like any screen it can be captured by pressing both the ‘Digital Crown’ and the ‘Side Button’ at the same time to capture a snapshot of your round. An examination of several of these screens may reveal trends in your play that might need attention. One bad hole leads to a  succession of bad holes, often getting tired and doing badly at the end of the round or a regular poor start at the beginning of a round.

The Glance also presents the same information but does not have any direction information in the title at the top of the page. Tap the Glance to take you back to the App.

Round Overview