Managing Rounds

When you record your Strokes and Putts and other optional data with your Apple Watch and then save the data to the Golf X Stats iPhone App you have created a Round. A Round is a complete representation of the golf you have played as recorded by the Golf X Stats Watch App.

Rounds are created when ‘Save’  has been pressed on the main screen of the watch and the ‘Green S’ is seen and then ‘+’ is pressed on the main screen of the Golf X Stats iPhone App. The most recent Round is displayed at the top of the table on the ‘Rounds’ page. The date of the Round is visible along with the Course played, the Tees and the Stroke total. The colour of the text on the second line reflects the Tee colour used for that Round ie. red or blue. Additionally there is a ‘v’ or ‘nv’ appended to the end of the  information on the second line, denoting v = valid round or nv = non valid round. (A valid round is one with at least one stroke per hole). Rounds which are not valid are not included in the statistics.

Simulator Screen Shot 6 Jan 2016, 2.44.29 PM
Your Golfing Rounds