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Search Rounds – fast access to your Golf Records

Find your ‘Best and Worst’ golf rounds easily, now supported on  Golf X Stats, Golf By Stats and Golf X Stats TV.

Search Rounds is a fast and easy to use golf analysis tool. It provides additional graphs for finding between 1 to 50 of your ‘Best OR Worst‘ Golf Rounds in three main categories:

  • Strokes
  • Putts
  • Total Strokes and Putts

By default Searches are carried out across ‘All Tees‘ and ‘All Courses but it’s easy to select the search parameters of any golf course that has a Round Record and a corresponding ‘Tee Colour‘ such as ‘White‘, ‘Red‘ or ‘Blue‘.

Quickly find the best 5, 10 or 50 golf rounds where putting was either the best or the worst. Each Round found is presented in a familiar table form and with just one click, it is possible to view the full details of any round found in terms of strokes, putts, daily handicap, greens in regulation etc..

If putting was ‘good’ how were Greens in Regulation for that Round or other Rounds where putting was also good?

Search Rounds to find Best or Worst Strokes, Putts or Total Strokes and Putts
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Find your Best or Worst Golf Rounds Easily
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Search Rounds – Golf Graphs

Two graphs are included in Search Rounds to display the search results:

  • Best OR Worst Rounds
  • Best v Worst Rounds

The ‘Best OR Worst‘ graph takes the search parameters and displays the results in an ordered manner according to the selected search parameters. An example Search Selection could be: Best Putts, 20 Rounds, All Courses and All Tees.

The ‘Best v Worst’ graph also takes the search parameters and displays the results in date order. Date order is very powerful in displaying progress for the key search aspects!

The ‘Best v Worst’ graph actually compares only half the number of rounds selected. It finds both the Best and the Worst Rounds matching the search selection. A Search Selection could be: Best and Worst Putts, 20 Rounds, All Courses and All Tees. In this case only the Best 10 Putting Rounds and the Worst 10 Putting Rounds that matched ‘All Courses’ and ‘All Tees‘ would be presented. Best Rounds have a Green date while Worst Rounds have a Red date.

These graphs make it easy to view a golfer’s current potential via your best rounds to date. These graphs display the consistency of your golf game. How is your golf game performing now and in the past in terms of Strokes, Putts and Totals Strokes and Putts? Compare averages, maximums and minimums for both Strokes and Putts.

Graph your best or Worst Rounds
‘Best OR Worst’ – Search Rounds
Compare your best and worst golf rounds
‘Best v Worst’ – Search Rounds


All experienced golfers learn that their golf game has cycles of good or poor form over time. Perhaps it’s overall form or just one or more of the major facets of the game. The ‘Best v Worst’ feature makes it easy to see ‘when and where’ your golfing performance has been at its best or worse by providing fast access to your ‘Round Records’.

By selecting 20 or more Rounds to examine the ‘Best v Worst’ graph removes your average Rounds and can clearly show trends in strokes, putting and total strokes by examining the colour of the dates displayed on the base of the graph in ‘Red’ for worst and ‘Green’ for best.

Display ‘Good & Bad’ Trends in Strokes and Putts.

What are the common factors in your game when playing golf well or poorly? By removing average performances this graph can help you track down and view the cycles in your golf game.