Shots So Far

Understanding the Shots So Far

The Shots So Far page is a reference page only you don’t enter any data and provides a quick overview of how you are playing or have played a particular hole. When you enter this page it will reflect the current hole that you are playing.
 This page is found by swiping right twice from the main page. 

The top of this screen shows the 3 numbers which represent from left to right.

  • The Par for this Hole, plus any additional handicap strokes ‘6’.
  • The number of strokes and putts recorded so far on this Hole ‘4’.
  • The Par for this Hole ‘5’.

In this example the player is playing a Par 5 and gets one additional stroke by way of handicap and has taken 4 strokes so far.

The number of central bars will vary with the Par of the Hole being played and the number of strokes that your handicap allows for this hole. The bars are black if there are no strokes entered, green if the number of strokes is less than your handicap allows, white if you are even with your handicap and yellow if you are already one stroke over your handicap. Finally the bars will be red if you exceed your handicap by more than a stroke. While many golfers don’t play Stableford if you do you may find this information helpful when playing a Stroke Round. If you are on a Golf Course that you don’t play regularly, this screen can potentially let you know how many shots you have left to score.

At the bottom of the page is the Hole number that is being reviewed, ‘Hole 2‘ in this case.

Hint: At any time during or after a round you can also tap the Hole Number to advance the hole or tap the top three numbers to decrease the hole. When you leave this screen and return you will always be taken to the current hole being played. This screen can also give you a good overview of your round without the need to see your iPhone.