Stroke or Stableford

Stroke or Stableford

The forth page shows the current rounds Strokes or Stableford Points on the Front and Back nine holes and also the Total. ‘Force Press’ this page to change from ‘Stroke’ to ‘Stableford’.

You can change this setting at anytime you wish and the current mode is displayed in the title area at the top left of the page.

All totals are ‘Green’ for under handicap, ‘White’ for on handicap or ‘Red’ for over handicap. In this example all totals are under average. It is normal for one nine to be over par while the total may be under. A bad round will show all ‘Red’. These statistics are updated as you play the round and enter data on the home screen.

Note: The Front Nine is on the top left, Back Nine is on the top right.