Strokes – examine recent performance

Strokes Overview – Recent Strokes and Strokes By Hole

These statistics are derived from the basic statistics of Strokes per hole.

Strokes Overview

The Golf X Stats ‘Stroke Overview’ page allows you to view in numerical form the number of strokes taken on average for each hole during a round of golf.

Strokes Overview

The statistics include Average Strokes for all Rounds, Last 10 Rounds, Last 5 Rounds and Last Round.

Overall averages are displayed in blue and good and poor results in green and red.

The strokes are calculated for One to Eight +. ( A valid round must have at least one stroke per hole – a hole in one!).

The blue average figures may not immediately be understood, but in this example Four    4.0 actually refers to 4 x 4 or 16 strokes on average and Three    6.6 which means 3 x 6.6 or 19.8 strokes on average.

Reducing your total strokes is a great way to lower your handicap. Your progress can be tracked with reference to the Last 10 Rounds, Last 5 Rounds and Last Round.

Recent Strokes
Recent Strokes – Last 50 Rounds

The Recent Strokes graph displays your stroke performance in a time based manner by reviewing your most recent golf rounds. The ‘Number of Golfing Rounds Analysed‘ can be selected from Last 5, Last 10, Last 20, Last 25 and Last 50.

Recent Strokes – Average and Minimum/Maximum Strokes

When the selection is made the Maximum, Minimum and Average Strokes for each group is calculated allowing a very clear picture of the stroke trends and performance of recent Rounds to be analysed.

Pressing on the white node on the graph will reveal the exact number of strokes taken on each Round.

The Recent Strokes graph displays a red line for Average Strokes which changes with the ‘Number of Golfing Rounds Analysed‘.

It’s worth noting that despite variations in the Minimum and Maximum strokes taken each Round the Average for groups of rounds does not vary as much as you might expect. A consistent effort and attention to ‘how and where’ you are losing or leaking strokes is needed in order to achieve an improvement of 2 or more strokes per round on average. Double tapping will hide the ‘Legend’.

Strokes – Hole by Hole
Strokes By Hole

Pressing the blue ‘By Hole‘ menu at the top right of the page will take you to the ‘Strokes By Hole‘ analysis graphs.

This is a series of graphs for all hole showing the average strokes taken to reach the green. To access successive holes simply swipe ‘Left‘ to advance the hole or ‘Right‘ to decrease the hole being reviewed. Colour coding shows relative performance levels compared to the Par of the hole. ‘Last Round‘ and ‘Last Five Rounds‘ are also displayed graphically.

Double tapping will hide the ‘Legend’ and a long press will hide the Last Round “Star“.