Target the Pin

Using the Target Recorder

The Target Recorder page helps you easily record the result of your approach shot to the Green. You may find that this feature can also be a game within your game. The Target Recorder has been designed to not only record your approach shot but will encourage you to try target your approach shot for a great result.
 This page is found by swiping right once from the main page. 

The top left of this screen shows the current result for this hole ‘2 – Target’ or ‘2 – No Shot’ if a selection has not been made for this hole . The current hole number is ‘2′ and the result can be long, short, on target , left or right or a number of combinations such as ‘Long Left.

It is ‘Long Right‘ in this example.  It is optional whether you want to input this data and a non-entry will not affect the averages. On Par 3s, if you have elected to use direction off the tee automatic entry option, entering a result here will automatically change the ‘Direction Off the Tee‘ unless an entry has already been made. For example, on a Par 3 if you hit your tee shot short and to the left of the green and enter ‘Short Left‘ on this screen. Assuming you have also selected automatically enter ‘Straight‘ in your Golf X Stats Preferences then ‘Left‘ will be automatically entered for you in the ‘Direction Off the Tee‘. Any straight shot – short, on target or long will leave the ‘Straight‘ setting unchanged while short right, right and long right will result in a ‘Right‘ being entered.

If you don’t make the green in one shot and want to enter where your shot that lands on the green you are still free to do so and may also enter a ‘Direction Off the Tee‘ as well.

Your screen will briefly display a large image of the approach that you selected to confirm the selection you have made for this hole. If you make an incorrect selection simply make another selection that better represents your approach shot.

Using this function will help with you focus but will also build up an overall picture of your approach shots, both in total and hole by hole. You will be surprised by what your statistics will reveal in the Golf X Stats app and can work on improving them over coming rounds.