Tips – ‘How To’

Tips for easy operation. (L)

Apple Watch Tips:

  • Apple watchOS 3 – if you are using the Apple ‘Workout‘ App and Golf X Stats on your watch you may find the ‘Workout’ App keeps coming up ‘ON WRIST WAKE’ no matter what setting you have selected for “ON SCREEN WAKE SHOW LAST APP’. If you find this a problem rather than going to the dock just ‘double click‘ the digital crown to return Golf X Stats to the screen. Note: We will attempt to address this problem in future releases.
  • Apple watchOS 3 – while it’s not essential, we currently recommend that you turn ‘Time Travel‘ OFF on your Apple Watch when using Golf X Stats? If the ‘Time Travel‘ is ON, while playing golf, a powerful stroke appears to sometimes cause the watch to enter the ‘Time Travel‘ mode automatically – this can occur whether you are using Golf X Stats or not. To turn off ‘Time Travel‘ in the ‘Watch’ app on your iPhone – Open the ‘Watch‘ app, scroll down past ‘General’ and ‘Activity’ until you find ‘Clock‘. Open ‘Clock‘ turn off ‘Time Travel‘ – easy to do, but hard to find!
  • Force Press‘ the centre of the watch face to bring up menu options. Tilt your wrist down to dismiss the menu without making a selection. If you make a successful selection you will feel a slight vibration in the form of taptic feedback.
  • To capture any of the watch screens from the watch press the ‘Digital Crown’ and ‘Side Button’ at the same time – the screen should invert and a camera like click heard.
  • Make sure that in the ‘General’ section of the ‘Watch’ App you have set  the ‘Wake Screen‘ option “ON SCREEN WAKE SHOW LAST APP’ – ‘Within 1 Hour of Last Use’ or ‘Always’. You can always use the ‘Dock’ option to return the Golf X Stats watch app screen and make it the ‘Last App’.
  • In the unlikely event that a spinning wheel does not disappear after a several of minutes press the ‘Side Button’ to bring up ‘Power Off’ and ‘Power Reserve’ sliders and then press the ‘Side Button’ again and release. The current App in use should close down.
  • To find the version number of Golf X Stats go the the Analysis tab and find the version number at the bottom of the page which contains the list of Worst Holes and Best Holes. ( Version 1.1.1 )

Apple iPhone and iPad Tips:

  • Tap Status Bar‘ if you have a long list of ‘Golf Rounds‘ and have scrolled down simply tap the Status Bar (time, carrier, wifi, battery etc) at the very top of your iOS screen once to return to the top of the list – supported on Golf X Stats and works on most iOS apps.
  • Long Press‘ press the screen for more than second to activate long press action.
  • Double Tap‘ tap the screen twice within a second to activate Double Tap action.
  • Swipe Left or Right‘ swipe the screen from right to left or left to right action.
  • ‘Swipe Up’ from the bottom of your screen to access the ‘Portrait Orientation Lock‘ turn it on to prevent unwanted screen rotation in Golf X Stats App. Turn the ‘Portrait Orientation Lock‘ off using the same technique.