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Using your Apple Watch to input your Round Statistics (L)

Apple Watch Reset Round Statistics
Reset Round Statistics – Apple Watch

Using the Golf X Stats Apple Watch App is a convenient way to accurately track your golf without interfering with your play. Our YouTube Golf X Stats Channel has a video on the Golf X Stats Apple Watch App and is a good starting point to take a look at some of the features and functions that assist you to collect ‘hole by hole’  golf statistics and also get real-time info and feedback on your performance while you play your round.

Before you start each new Round, we suggest that you always ‘Reset’ the Golf X Stats App on your Apple Watch! You should have your iPhone within range and have set your ‘Player Settings’ to match the Course, Tees and Handicap that you will be playing today.

At first, you may be interested in only using Golf X Stats on your home course and only play off one or two sets of Tees, e.g. Black and Blue, Blue and White or Red and Yellow. When you have created your first ‘Player Profile’ from scratch it is easy to create others by pressing the ‘+’ button on the ‘Player Settings’ page. Additional ‘Player Profiles’ will be a copy of the currently selected profile (the one at the top of the Player Settings list) so it’s easy to make a separate profile for other Tees where most or all of the indexes and par values are the same. Almost all settings are editable after a round so don’t stress if you have started a round with the wrong settings. When you have more than one ‘Player Profile’ the top one in the ‘Player Settings’ list is used by the Watch. It will be marked by a green background and a green checkmark. Use the ‘Edit’ button to shift the desired ‘Player Profile’ to the top of the list.

First Putt Distance
First Putt Distance – Apple Watch

When you ‘Reset’ the Golf X Stats Watch App, the currently selected player data including Tees, Handicap and Par information is sent to the App from the iPhone App. Before you start a new round of golf set the Player profile for the course, the tees and your handicap. With your phone in Bluetooth range ‘Force Press’ your Golf X Stats Home screen and press ‘R’ for Reset once, ‘Force Press’ again quickly (within the next 4 seconds) and press ‘R’ for Reset again to confirm the Reset of all your watch data. If successful you will see the ‘Reset Done’ message in the Title area at the top of your Watch Screen. You are now ready to start your round of golf!

Tip: If you have begun a round and realise that you forgot to change a ‘Player Profile’ don’t worry, in most cases you can still edit your round data after saving your statistics when you have finished your round. For example your handicap may have changed between the current round and your last round but you didn’t change the ‘Player Profile’ when you ‘Reset’ the Golf X Stats Watch App at the start of your latest round. Simply save your data to your iPhone after the round,  then just edit the round and change the handicap. Your statistics will now reflect the edited handicap!

Note: If you open any menu by mistake you can dismiss (cancel) the menu by turning you wrist over.

You can use the Golf X Stats Watch App without this information but it will limit the functions available to you.