What’s the best iPhone Golf Stats App?

Golf X Stats – Collecting Golf Statistics that can improve your golf!

Whether you’re using a Mac OS, iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad the Golf X Stats app will be of assistance in pinpointing where improvement is needed. Golf X Stats can drill down on a Hole by Hole basis or take a more Holistic approach.

Does anyone really like collecting golf statistics?

We’ll perhaps, but most of us don’t, unless there is a point as well as a payoff for the effort.

Better knowledge, leads to better on course decision making and better scoring possibilities on every hole. The difference between a good, average and poor golf round is not as big as imagined. Often, the result can come down to just a few strokes over 18 holes and there may be as little as 10 strokes between a golfer’s best and worst rounds.

Therefore the best iPhone and iPad Golf Statistics App is the one that you are happy to use over time? The one that delivers results and offers some protection against hard earned data loss when a phone is lost or someone accidentally deletes the app!

Golf X Stats has been made to be very powerful but we tried to make it easy to enter round statistics as well.

You need only enter Strokes and Putts to start gathering meaningful information about the way you play.

iCloud backup and data transfer to your other Apple devices such as a Mac, Apple TV, iPad or iPhone allows review and analysis where its most comfortable.

While an iPhone is good, the same graph on a iPad is better and a MacBook, iMac and Apple TV are great for a clearer bigger screen review.

Most Professional Golfers know their stats and use them to focus there practice – shouldn’t you?