Worst Holes

Worst Holes Graphs

The Worst Holes graph quickly sorts your holes into order from worst to best.

Find your worst and best three holes
Find your worst and best three holes in terms of numerical analysis of Strokes, Putting and Overall Strokes

After several rounds you will be surprised which holes are really your worst. Once you have identified the problem holes you can try alternative approaches to improve your scoring.

The information included in this graph which scrolls to the top to bottom with a upward swipe to see the entire 18 holes  includes averages for Worst Holes by Totals, Strokes and Putts. The title of the graph will show which option is selected. to change from Worst Holes by Totals to Worst Holes by Strokes to Worst Holes by Putts, simply swipe left or right.

The buttons at the top of the graph can be used to hide Strokes, Putts and Totals.

Most graphs have some options which are located in the Preferences page.

Worst Holes by Totals
Worst Holes by Strokes
Worst Hole by Putts
Worst Holes by Totals – Strokes and Putts Off

Note: In all cases, Analysis of your Rounds is determined by the Golf Course and Tee Colour selected in the Preferences page.